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An Evening Of Celebrations

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† AppleJacks LDC from Huddersfield in West

Yorkshire celebrated New Yearís Eve with a

Masquerade Ball. Instructor Pauline Bell told

us: ďAs always dancers and partners made a great

effort with their masquerades, although if you

wear glasses itís not as easy as you think. This year

we had a new venue. It was well decorated by Sue

Shaw and wonderful food was brought for the

Jacobís table, so the evening was set. The many

dance requests ensured that we had a fabulous

mix of old, new, Beginner and Intermediate

dances throughout the night.


Ē As well as NewYear it was a night of celebrations in other ways too. Pauline added:

ďWe had two 70th birthdays,one before midnight and one after, for Rachel andIrene.

I was then very pleased to announce that following the chimes of Big Ben AppleJacks LDC

was now in itís 10th year.

I would like to say a big thank you for the wonderful compliments I

received at the end of the night. New Yearís Eve

is a very long night to keep everyone dancing but

your comments showed that I managed to do that

and keep everyone happy. I would also like to say

a big thank you to all dancers for all your support

in the last ten years and I hope you all enjoy the

next ten yearís Line dancing.Ē



Line Dance Club

West Yorkshire

1. I Havenít Met You Yet Pauline Bell Havenít Met You Yet

2. Playing With Fire Craig Bennett Bad Boys

3. Boyfriend Of The Year Yvonne Anderson Favourite Boyfriend

4. Rain Against My Window Michael Barr I Canít Stand The Rain

5. Louisiana Swing K. Sala/R. McGowan Hickie Home To Louisiana

6. Cool Chick Robbie McGowan Hickie Please Mama Please

7. Why Donít We Just Dance Peter And Alison Why Donít We Just Dance

8. It Hurts Sue Hsu/Kathy Chang It Hurts

9. Ay Amor Ria Vos Ay Amor

10. 15 Minutes Theresa Needham 15 Minutes




PAULINE BELL†††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††

AppleJacks LDC

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


Catch Me If You Can

64 Count Ė Two Wall Ė Improver

Audrey Watson

Catch Me If You Can Ė Hugo Duncan

A fun little Irish dance with great lyrics. Some

symmetry makes the dance easy to learn.

There is one restart which is easy to hear. It is

easy enough for Improvers but has sufficient

challenge for Intermediates to enjoy it too.


15 Minutes

32 Count - Four Wall - Beginner

Theresa Needham

15 Minutes-Rodney Atkins

Another easy dance with fun lyrics. This is a

singalong dance and my classes love to sing

the chorus. Nothing too difficult. Although a

Beginner dance we have all enjoyed learning and

dancing this one. It is a pity the actual dance

isnít longer as the intro is quite long. No tags or

restarts either.


Rain Against My Window

32 Count Ė Four Wall - Intermediate

Michael Barr

I Canít Stand The Rain Ė Seal

I loved the music but was not sure if it was

too slow to dance to. However, the clever

choreography makes it a really different and

enjoyable dance. The steps are quite easy to

remember and the triple turns give options for

triple steps to make it easier.


Ay Amor

44 Count - Four Wall - Improver

Ria Vos

Ay Amor - Semino Rossi

A slow and a little tricky dance but itís well

worth persevering. Itís got quite a few turns and

you really need to concentrate to think where

you need to end up. There is one very easy tag

and restart. If you want a bit of a challenge this

is one for you.


Why Donít We Just Dance

64 Count - Two Wall - Intermediate

Peter And Alison

Why Donít We Just Dance-Josh Turner

I think the title is great for Line dancers. The

dance is a bit of a challenge but that is partly

its attraction. There is a really easy tag at the

end of wall four facing 12 oíclock. You do have

to concentrate quite a bit as there are a lot of

different steps but if you keep dancing it then it

soon begins to flow. Being only two walls helps

you to remember it. Well choreographed and

great music makes this a great combination for

an Intermediate dance.


Thanks Team††††††††††††††††

I continue to enjoy Linedancer and I am pleased

that Line dancing has returned to a stage where

people are continuing to dance rather than

leave the Line dancing scene. I attribute this to

the choreography of slightly easier dances. There

are obviously many other areas where you and your

magazine are doing your very best to keep Line dancing

going. As an instructor and DJ I thank all the team for all their

efforts. My club AppleJacks LDC is in itís tenth year and I hope I

will still be Line dancing in another ten years.

Pauline Bell

Applejacks LDC